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Albury Jazz Festival Ticket Terms and Conditions and FAQ

Tickets for the Albury Jazz Festival (Festival) are sold subject to these terms and conditions which are necessary due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The Festival is grateful for the guidance it has received from the NSW Ministry of Health to assist in the planning for a COVID-19 safe event. We continue to follow the guidance of the NSW Government and will keep our patrons informed on a regular basis via the Festival website. Q1. Will the Festival be a COVID-19 Safe Event? The Festival COVID-19 Safety Plan has been approved by the NSW Government. The Plan can be viewed on the Festival website. In order to ensure the quality of the event and safety for patrons, musicians and personnel at any given moment and depending on current and changing restrictions, the Promoter will implement various measures based on NSW Health Department guidelines including, but not limited to: 1. Conduct the entire event within the Commercial Club Albury, a venue that has its own COVID-19 Safety Plan, that provides, inter alia, the following: a. Social distancing within premises b. Managing and limiting the number of patrons within each performance space c. Sanitisation stations across the premises and enhanced cleaning in all areas, as well as COVID-19 Safety Marshalls d. Temperature checking of all those who enter the premises e. Recording of the contact details of all who enter the premises in accordance with NSW Government requirements to enable contact tracing 2. Keep patrons informed of the COVID-19 Safety measurements via our Festival website. Q2. Can we dance? Dancing will governed by NSW Government health orders available on the NSW Government COVID-19 website. Q3. Is it “guaranteed” that the Albury Jazz Festival will happen? The Promoter intends that the Festival will be presented within the tricky environment created by COVID-19. The Promoter maintains the unreserved right to cancel the Festival for any reason whatsoever. Circumstances that may lead to the cancelation of the Festival at any time include, but are not limited to: 1. Advice from the NSW Government that the Festival should not proceed 2. Withdrawal of venues by the Commercial Club Albury 3. Withdrawal of support for the Festival by the Albury City Council 4. Closure of any State or Territory border The Promoter reserves the right to cancel the Festival if they believe in their opinion alone that there are insufficient registered musicians and/or other ticket holders to create an engaging event. The Promoter will review registrations on 15th May 2021 to deterring if the Festival will be an engaging event. Should the outcome of this review lead to the cancellation of the Festival ticket holders will be advised no later than 18th May by email through the Festival’s TryBooking site and a notice on the Festival website. Q4. What will happen to the tickets I purchased if the Festival is cancelled? To eradicate any risk for those who purchase tickets should the event be cancelled, ticket income will be held in the Festival TryBooking account until the Festival commences. If the Festival is cancelled a full refund, less any TryBooking booking fees, will be processed withing 14 days of cancellation. For more information on the framework for refunds visit the Live Performance Australia Ticketing Code of Practice which is observed by the Promoter. Should the Festival be cancelled the Promoter will not be liable for any loss, damage, inconvenience or other impact of the cancellation on an individual including, but not limited to: 1. Charges for accommodation that may not be used 2. Costs incurred travelling to Albury for the Festival 3. Disruption of employment 4. Loss of performance opportunity Q5. Where can I purchase and when will I receive my tickets for the Festival? Tickets can only be purchased via the Festival’s TryBooking site. Ticket sales will close on 9th June 2021. Cash sales will not be available. Ticket holders will be able to print their tickets direct from TryBooking. On arrival at the Festival the QR code on the ticket, either physical or on the screen of a mobile device, will be scanned and the patron provided with a badge or coloured wristband that will enable access to all performance venues. When a ticket to the Welcome Night Function on Friday 11th June is purchased the ticket holder will be provided with a coloured wrist band on presentation of the ticket. The wristband must be worn and shown to gain entry to the Welcome Night. Q6. Do I have to choose my days for Festival? Your ticket for the Festival provides access to performance venues from Saturday 12th June through to Sunday 13th June. Q7. What ticket types are available? There are five ticket types available. 1. All Session Pass – a multiday day pass that provides entry to all venues from Saturday 12th to Sunday 13th June. This ticket includes access to the Festival Party on the night of 13th June. Any individual may purchase this ticket. 2. Session Pass – a pass that provides entry to all venues for the session selected. Any individual may purchase this ticket. 3. Musician – to qualify for this ticket the individual must be performing in a registered band on a musical instrument or as a vocalist. 4. Partner of a Musician – to qualify for this ticket the individual must be the acknowledged partner of the holder of a Musician ticket. 5. Child – an individual under the age of 18 under the care of a ticket holder. A Child may be registered to perform in a band. Supervision by a competent adult must be provided at all times for children. Q8. Is there any restriction on access to performance venues? To meet the COVID-19 Safety Plan the number of people who can be in a performance venue will be limited. Therefore, if a venue has reached capacity you will be refused entry to ensure compliance with the COVID-19 Safety Plan. The Promoter will not be liable for any consequence of you not being able to enter a venue of your choice at any time. The Promoter will sell no more tickets than the total capacity of all venues combined. Q9. Can I get a refund for a purchased ticket should I not attend the Festival? Refunds will only be provided if the Festival is cancelled. Those who choose not or are unable to attend the Festival after purchasing a ticket for any reason whatsoever will not be provided with a refund. Q10. I’m a registered musician, will I be paid for performing? A proportion of the revenue in excess of costs will be provided to musicians who perform in registered bands. The amount provided to musicians will depend on the volume of ticket sales and costs incurred in bringing the Festival to life. Q11. Who is the Promoter of the Festival? The Festival is a private commercial event. The Promoter is Gildersleeve & Associates P/L (ABN 14 624 205 652) trading as Albury Jazz Festival. The Promoter will take a Festival Management Fee for arranging the Festival and associated commercial risk. The Festival is not sponsored or in any other way managed by or associated with the AJC Executive Task Force or the Australian Jazz Convention.
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